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Indian Lawyers Directory is the most trusted, easy to use lawyers directory of India, where you can find all the lawyers you need, in one place. The directory will help you to find a lawyer by location or a lawyer by speciality.

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Who are we?

I&I Legal solutions is a legal tech firm, focussing on technology oriented legal solutions for clients. Our clientele include small and midsize companies including start-ups, Partnerships, Limited Liability Partnership etc.. The team at I&I Legal solutions work and research in various areas of law including Legal Tech( a combination of legal and technological aspects of laws).

Our services

An exclusive cross-border referral network of tech-enabled boutique law firms. It is similar to other networks, but comprises of smaller firms, each with different areas of specialisation.

A client-facing platform, allowing advisers to refer work to and collaborate with each other to provide a full-spectrum of service to clients and for clients to submit work requests directly to advisers.

A community of pioneers – professionals who are globally specialised experts pushing the boundaries of legal fields,. We share best practices, insights and best-in-class technology from around the world.

Why us?

Most of the clients pick a lawyer based on a referral. From a friend or another professional or perhaps a business or individual similar to you. Because it is really hard to know whom to trust.

So we have built what is, at its most basic, a referral network of advisers who trust each other. We have hooked this up to a platform, so that you, the client, can access the referral network and contact advisers directly.

Indian Lawyers Directory is NEITHER a law firm NOR A Legal consultancy firm. We do not offer professional advice. The advisers in our community work at boutique or sole-practitioner firms. It is with those firms that you agree for a quote and sign a contract, in the same way as you would, with any other firm.

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Our Uniqueness

Indian Lawyers Directory is based on a network of boutique firms across the world. Boutique firms are generally smaller specialist firms that:

Focus on particular clients, services or sectors, making them truly expert at what they do

Are small and medium sized businesses

Are tech-enabled, at the cutting edge of professional services

Have lower costs than larger firms, without having traditional expensive offices and multimillionaire partners

Are more flexible on price

Are not necessarily cheaper, but you know you are paying for actual advice, not big-firm overheads

Are friendlier, less corporate and more like you

Are global with wide experience from around the world.

Need an attorney?

Having problems, need to search for a lawyer? We make it easy to find an attorney and review them, so you can make the right decision on who to hire as your legal counsel. Start searching today!

Looking for new clients?

If you want to make it to the top and make it big in your field of expertise, then you need to get yourself included in the Indian Lawyers Directory. Then you will be able to get more clients than ever before!

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